Friday, April 5, 2013


Personal and spiritual growth is my life’s work. However, one thing has become abundantly clear – you need a body to do the work. And, the more robust and vital the body is the better chance you have in achieving your goals. To that end, I want to recommend the unfortunately titled book, The Science of Skinny, which can be easily found here: I call the title unfortunate because the book is not really about weight loss but the science that undermines our food production in the 21st century. It was not the original title of the book, by the way. I believe an editor or publisher changed the title because “weight loss” books sell better than “good health” books. (An unfortunate commentary on our societal values.) A WORD OF CAUTION: Please do NOT let the scientific explanations in the first chapters turn you off. If they aren’t of that much interest to you, just skim them so that you can have an overview of what is going on. Then “soldier on” until Chapter 10 which begins to bring the material into some order for your use. (If you jump to Chapter 10 without at least an minimal understanding of what is going on, it will not resonate as well with you.) For those of you just beginning your nutritional journey, some of this may be shocking to you. Another reason to understand the scientific reality underlying the premise of the book. I realize that for many of you I may be “preaching to the Choir”, and that you already know this material. (I, for one, did not learn anything new as I was blessed with a remarkable instructor in Nutrition school who was way before his time in warning about the dangers of low-fat diets, low-carb diets, and soy.) However, this book has put together, in a succinct manner, the science that is behind the nutrition and has done so in an orderly way. Although I didn’t learn anything new, I did get reminded of some things that had slipped through the cracks over the years. For those of us in an older generation, I think moving to a processed-free living format can dramatically extend and effect our quality of life. For those of you who are younger, it can change your whole life’s experience. And, for those of you guiding young children along life’s journey, I enthusiastically urge you to read this book. There is a great section on dealing with children and recipes just for kids. If you are set in your ways, I still urge you to make whatever small changes you can. As Maharishi once said, “Even a dirty cloth that is dipped into water but one time is not as dirty as it had once been.” Meaning – even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. I offer you this material with the greatest of wishes that you have a happy, healthy, vital and joyful life. With my deep love, JOAN

Monday, May 7, 2012


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Sunday, January 3, 2010


NOTE: Obviously there has been a “gap” since my last posting. I must admit to being in a bit of “overwhelm”. Around the first of October, I “received” a HUGE block of energy/information. This information was so entwined that I couldn’t seem to be able to find a “starting point” at which to begin the unraveling. Also, since I am not a fan of reading dissertation length postings, I have tried to keep this blog entry short, sweet and to the point. The information I received didn’t seem to fit into this level of brevity. Having pondered where and how to begin, I have finally decided just to “jump in” and trust that, like a good jigsaw puzzle, it will all fit together and become clear one day.


Having practiced the art of “choosing for and not against”, it is now time to look at the energy pattern surrounding one’s activities. This is not as simple as it may seem, for there are many layers involved here.

Most of our choices of thoughts and ideas we have just accepted without examination from the collective consciousness. The majority of our opinions, wishes, desires, etc. were absorbed from the environment in which we found ourselves upon birth. Never questioning “why”, we allowed our parents, family, teachers and leaders to tell us what is “so”. It was easy that way, and it was the way it was done.

Anyone born in the last 100 years, therefore, accepted that “who” he/she is was determined by “what” they did. It established one’s place in society and in individual hierarchies. This belief system is so pervasive that a great many people are engaged in work and other activities that they don’t even like because it was “the thing to do”.

As the spiritual aspirant progresses on the path, it is inevitable that he/she learns that the vibrational frequency which one emits while “living” one’s earthly life is THE only thing that matters. This is THE “real” thing that determines levels of consciousness and true hierarchical placement. Hence, one begins to make decisions predicated upon what brings happiness, pleasure and a sense of true connectedness. It is the source of the proverbial phrase “follow your bliss”.

It would therefore become apparent that it is more important “how” one is in one’s activities than “what” the activity itself is. An awakening entity will have a greater effect upon his spiritual progress, the collective consciousness, and the planet itself by cleaning toilets with a sense of love, service, kindness and oneness with man than he/she would if he/she were doing brain surgery and hating every minute of it. While it is true that one’s activities have a frequency effect, the vibration of the emotion attached to the activity has much greater creative power.

It would behoove the true aspirant to begin to examine each and every activity of his/her day and notice the emotion held in the body during that activity. If it is anything less than neutral, the activity should cease immediately. One’s goal is to be in joy regardless of what one is doing. Be aware of the flow of the energies of the Universe and feel at one with that flow. Do not be concerned about what others may think of what you are doing. Do what you do because it is the natural flow of your true Self and you do it because it is an act of devotion to the truth of who you are. Be grateful in all things. Praise God by whatever name you may call the Oneness and be a pure channel for that which is LOVE.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Everything – every thing – in the Universe is formed from energy and is “fed” by energy. The more energy a thing has the more form it has.

Most people make choices in their lives by choosing what they do not want to have. Some choices are simply “default” choices…not knowing what they want, but pretty sure of what they do not want. What then occurs is more of what they do not want. “That which I have feared the most has come upon me.”

Many people are extremely “anti” something – war, abortion, brown/black/yellow/white people, Democrats, Republicans, this religion or that thing. And yet, despite all their efforts, what they protest remains. “What you resists persists.”

The Law of Attraction states that what you hold in thought/vibration will be drawn to you. That is because as you think about something you are “feeding” it energy and making it more “solid” in your reality.

If you were to have several small plants and you gave one of them fertilizer, water, love and attention, it would grow into a taller, healthier, hardier plant than the others. Now, here is the interesting part. If you “accidentally” fertilized and watered a “weed” next to that plant, it would also grow to be healthy and hardy. You see, to nature, all plants are equal. You may call one a daisy and the other a weed, but nature knows no such designation. And so it is with the Universe and its energetic forms. Remember, Universal Laws apply ALL the time.

Therefore, it would appear obvious that when you are “against” something – particularly if you have great emotion attached – you are “feeding” that thing energy just as if you were “for” the thing. You are perpetuating the very energy form you would not like to have. You might as well be an advocate “for” the thing because by the very nature of your acknowledging its existence you give it credence and form.

It is a far higher vibrational choice to choose “for” something. Choose “for” peace rather than “against” war. Choose “for” a new career, rather than “against” this lousy job. Choose “for” a healthy relationship, rather than “against” this toxic marriage. By chosing “for”, rather than “against”, you align yourself with higher frequencies and create in your life more joyful, healthful, positive situations.
Serendipitously, you also help the planet and its people raise the collective consciousness. It is the ultimate “win-win” scenario.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PERSONAL NOTE: I have been “off line” for a while. There has been a great deal of “movement in the force” lately, and I have been waiting for the “spiritual dust” to settle so I could ascertain in which direction to proceed. The “fog” has cleared and direction received. The next few postings will be designed to help you gain the maximum spiritual movement as easily as possible.


PREFACE #1: All things in the Universe are composed of energy and that each energy vibrates at a certain frequency. The lower the frequency, the denser the energy and its manifestation, i.e. a rock. The higher the frequency, the lighter the energy and its manifestation, i.e. an angel.

PREFACE #2: There are immutable Laws of the Universe. They have no delineation of “good” or “bad”. They simply “are”. They do not care if you believe in them or not. They simply “are”. No one is exempt from the Laws of the Universe.

At this time the most applicable Universal Law is the Law of Attraction. Its existence in being made known on several levels – both sacred and secular. Most of the emphasis has been on creating “what you want” by drawing to you what you think about. This process of goal setting is the first step in understanding the Law of Attraction. However, there is a great deal more to it that just manifesting good things.

The Law of Attraction works ALL the time. Every thought, word, emotion and deed creates in the Universe. And, you draw into your life experience ALL the time. There are NO “time outs” or “King’s X’s”. Every thought, word, emotion and deed draws to you according to the vibration that you emit.

You are likened to a tuning fork. You vibrate at a certain frequency. And the Universe responds accordingly. Now, here’s the hitch. The Universe responds to the vibration that you ARE, not what you pretend to be, not what you want to be, not what you hope to be.

At this time in the human story, there simply is not anything more important for the spiritual aspirant than to become absolutely conscious about his/her vibrational frequency, and to take responsibility for it and his/her creations. The collective consciousness is a swirl of frequencies. The spiritual aspirant is charged with the duty to add only the highest frequency available at any given moment…ALL THE TIME.

How can one do this? Become aware of the frequencies around you. Tune into your body and let it help you. Does the conversation you are listening to make you contract inward and want to run in fear or does it bring about an expansive feeling and make you feel loving and kind? Does the thought you are having make you feel ill or are you filled with well-being? Are the words out of your mouth diminishing or uplifting? Is what you are doing in the NOW adding to the life force of mankind and the planet or depleting it?

At every single moment of every single day, do the VERY best you can. Look for the highest vibrational option in every situation. Try to engage in ONLY “positive” high vibrational activities. And, for goodness sakes, if you “slip” and find yourself participating in something less that the highest vibration available, DO NOT demean yourself in ANY WAY. Simply take note and move away from the moment. Damning yourself for “not getting it right” is one of the most destructive of energies and creates nothing positive at all.

It may be necessary for you to make some changes in your life. Are your friends positive or negative? Is there conversation? (I have been known to walk out of a room rather that participate in some conversations.) Is your work place an uplifting environment? Are the TV shows and movies you watch or a higher or lower frequency? Remember, you are effected by EVERYTHING you allow into your personal space.

If you will “take on” this teaching, your life will change dramatically, with little effort. And, you will be doing the very best thing you can for the planet and humankind. And…..if you can get still, and listen quietly…the Heavens will rejoice at your efforts.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


(Note: This writing is in response to an inquiry. We welcome inquiries as they are often impetus for further discussion.)

The Question: What does one do if one is stuck in the “nothingness” of apathy?
The Answer: Nothing…………that’s right, nothing.

Well, first of all, pat yourself on the back. True apathy is a road sign on the journey of the spiritual aspirant. To reach a point of true apathy, one has done some serious spiritual work, examining one’s beliefs, deeds and general perspective on anything and everything. Only when one approaches an understanding that it is the individual who assigns meaning and important to objects and events can the question be raised, “why bother?”…true apathy.

When one reaches this point in the journey it is important, no, it is imperative that one be as truthful as is possible with self. Therefore, do not “pretend” anything. If you find yourself in the state of “nothingness” do not try to “act” your way into another state, and do not deny where you are. Just explore every thought and feeling you have.

We will be discussing “mechanisms” of energy a bit later, but this it a perfect point of development to just watch and feel what is going on in your mind and in your bodies – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. As you attune yourself to letting yourself follow the energy you may be in for a surprise. You might not be as apathetic as you think you are. You may very well find pockets of abject anger, fear, frustration, love, attachment, vehement judgments, etc. And, behind these emotional pockets will be deeply embedded belief systems and thought processes to which you are really, REALLY attached. As the energy moves around and hits these pockets, you may begin to feel like a spiritual pinball game.

Apathy is a trick behind which the Spiritual Ego hides. By convincing you that you “don’t give a damn” the ego can hide just how ferociously it is holding onto limited thought patterns and beliefs. When such “ah-ha” moments happen, simply, quietly, allow yourself to look at what has been unearthed and as you examine what you find ask yourself, “Is this the truth? Who says? What if it is not the truth? Who would I be if I didn’t believe this?” And then, quietly release the limited thought/belief that has kept you bound and separated from your true Self.

During this time, focus on practicing the 4th Agreement – Always Do Your Best. Apply yourself to each endeavor as best you can, realizing that some days are better than others. Be as present in the Now as you can; again, some days are better than others. Refrain from having whatever you are doing “mean” ANYTHING – about you, who or what you are, or about life in general. By all means, do not assign values of good or bad or best or worst to anything. Just BE with what you are doing.

Slowly, but surely, you will begin to feel the energies of the Universe move in and through you. Your so-called apathy will have disappeared when you were not looking and you will find that Joy is the natural state intended for human Beings on the journey back to Source.