Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Watch a school of fish or a flock of birds. Notice how, without any seeming outside influence, they will all turn at one time. This is an example of the group mind. It works on a level outside the field of communication as we know it.

When Spirit first began to play in human bodies, its individuated parts knew that it was part of the Whole. Communication was not necessary as everything was shared telepathically. All information and knowledge was available in the Now, everywhere present at all moments in the time-space continuum.

It was only as the narcissistic ego became self-reverential that words and speech became necessary. The ability to communicate telepathically was lost and a method of exchanging experiences and ideas was needed. Words were developed as a way to harness an “energy” of experience or knowledge and exchange it with an-other.

As the developing human ego became more self-absorbed and identified as an individualized separate entity, it also lost the ability to be all-knowing. Without the ability to draw upon the Isness and “know”, it became necessary to develop a mechanism to retain certain knowledge. Thus, the memory was created.

Several of you have mentioned that you seem to be “losing your memory”. The ego, of course, wants this to be a source of drama and concern. What it also wants is for you not to acknowledge that you have spent years in spiritual pursuit with a goal of learning to live connected with Spirit in the Now. If you have ever had even one moment of connectedness with Spirit, you will know that there is no need for “stored memory”. Should a question be posed, the answer is instantaneously available. (Of course, most often, there is no need for even a question.)

Next time you seem to have an experience of “losing your memory”, try getting quiet, become connected with Source and allow the information to flow to you from the Universe. It is there…..waiting on you.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


It has been my great honor to have participated in many rites, rituals and celebrations over the years. I have found great beauty in many of them and had profound experiences in most of them.

One of the ceremonies which made a significant impression upon me took place on a mountain top in Washington, with only a few in attendance and with little pomp and circumstance. It was a Native American ritual of giving thanks to the Earth. Around a campfire we spread some tobacco, poured some water and laid some fruit on the ground. Then we buried a penny at the base of a tree. We were told that our gift/offerings represented our acknowledgement of the bounty that comes to us from the Earth and we were returning a “portion” in an act of gratitude.

I had participated in “offering” ceremonies of many cultures and was used to gifts of food, water, flowers, etc. It was the penny in this ceremony which struck a cord with me. I realized that the financial abundance of our lives is seldom thought of as a “gift” and even if one tithes, it somehow remains apart from the “whole” of the supply of Nature.

I’ve thought about this ceremony over the years. What it meant, but more importantly, the simplicity of it. And, about that penny. It was just a penny, after all. No great wealth, in the scheme of things, and yet……

Those who know me know that it has been like pulling teeth to get me to “write” in spite of the best urgings to do so. I finally realized that writing this little blog is my “penny”. If I give back a portion of all that has been given to me, I will be contributing my wee bit to the collective consciousness and in effect be giving my “Penny to the Universe”.

My husband loves the Earth and would love to have a major impact for its healing. Until such time as that may come to pass, he feeds the birds, picks up litter, hugs a tree, etc. – his “Penny to the Universe”.

Often one overlooks a way to “invest” in Humanity and the Earth because it is easy to say “Well, it isn’t significant enough to make a difference”. But what if we all just gave a Penny to the Universe? Wouldn’t we all be richer for it?

Do you have any pennies that the Universe could use? Give them in joy and gratitude and the Universe will smile.

One of the many “tricks” the Ego uses as the spiritual aspirant progresses along his journey is to “go along for the ride”. This the Ego does by “pretending” that everything the Self is doing is okay and that the Ego approves. Eventually, however, what sneaks up on the aspirant is the arrival of the Spiritual Ego.

The Spiritual Ego (Ego in disguise) takes on a mantle of false humbleness, false caring and kindness and develops all the mannerism it believes would “show” that it has an enlightened being. The Spiritual Ego can become a “do-gooder”, not because it truly cares, but because it wants to be known for its deeds. The Spiritual Ego often volunteers for all sorts of charities and events so it can be seen doing good things, often judging the very things it pretends to be helping. The Spiritual Ego will help the less fortunate in a false pretense of kindness, all the while feeling “superior” to those in need. The Spiritual Ego secretly keeps “score” of its advances and takes pride in all of its studies and wisdom. It compares itself to others in a competitive way, seeing who is “more” and who is “less”, and it grades itself with a spiritual gradation, not unlike a Brown Belt or Black Belt in Martial Arts. It is always asking of everyone, “Can’t you see how spiritual I am?” And, the Spiritual Ego indulges itself in false humility. It pretends to be above material concerns, needing nothing, when, in fact, its needs are a hunger which has to be constantly fed.

Occasionally, the Spiritual Ego comes at the aspirant through the back door. Instead of saying “Good job, you’re really developing spiritually” the Spiritual Ego will say “Who do you think you are? What makes you think you have anything worth while to say? What makes you so special?” Although there is a tendency to think this is low self-esteem, it is quite often a very sneaky way of separating self from Self…the ultimate in denial of the Divine within. After all, what could be more “special” than to be the worst of the worst.

The antidote to the Spiritual Ego is to take no credit or blame for anything. For everything that comes into you life, simply say “Thank you, Holy Spirit” and know that all things work for the greater good (whether it seems so at the time or not) and that all that comes to and through you is by the Hand of God through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, you understand that you are an instrument of the Divine and your Ego nor your Spiritual Ego has anything to do with anything.

Go forth, become partners with Holy Spirit and see how very many places you can “take” God today. And, do so in great Joy.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Years ago I found myself with a teacher who would ask “Did you….(fill in the blank…but for these purposes let’s say….) tell the truth in this situation?” I would normally begin fidgeting around and trying something like, “Well, I did the best I could,” or “Considering the circumstances, I thought it best if I….” At which point my teacher would quietly ask, “Did you or did you not…..(fill in the blank)?”

It didn’t matter how I tried to squirm around the issue or how many times I backed up and tried again, the question was just quietly put to me, “Did you or did you not?” Eventually (every single time) I was made to understand this was a “yes or no” question and no amount of explanation could alter the fact that the ultimate answer was either “yes” or “no”. (It’s a little like the pregnant issue – either you are or you are not.) As the years past, I kept trying to “get away” with not answering directly, but always quietly came, “Did you or did you not?”

At first I thought this was a lesson in telling the truth. Later I came to understand that telling the truth is the first step in absolute accountability, and without it any attempt to be “accountable” is just a farce.

For years it has been socially okay to “tell a little white lie” and say that things are not always black or white, but sometimes gray. As the collective consciousness is raising those times are no longer an option for the spiritual aspirant.

Upon examination it can be seen that the “need” to tell a little fib is really a defense mechanism of the ego hoping to escape examination. “But what about trying to spare someone’s feelings?” you ask. If one has stopped offering opinions without them having been solicited or from commenting on every topic of discussion, many so-called occasions can be avoided. Watch and see how many times no comment is needed at all! On the rare occasion when one is questioned directly it will be necessary to “tell the harsh truth, but not tell the truth harshly”. This can be most easily accomplished by beginning your statement with “It is only my opinion” or “My personal prejudice is” or “I am not qualified to judge (because you aren’t!)”.

As for areas of gray – they don’t exist. Everything is what it is – it isn’t “sort of this plus sort of that”. The question becomes, “Is it or isn’t it?” (A discussion about “labeling” will follow.)

And, obviously, the “Did you or did you not?” question is about being accountable for ones actions – thought, word and deed. There simply is no passing the buck on this one.