Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Every ego sees itself as the “star” of its story … his/story, her/story, our/story, my/story. Every ego considers itself the center of all that is important, and makes it choices from that self-reflective viewpoint. And, every ego keeps an unbalanced set of account books, tilted in its own favor.

At lower vibrational frequencies this is so paramount that there is no “other” – only “me”. As consciousness raises in vibration the ability to see outside of self and consider other people, the environment, humanity as a whole also grows and develops. Ironically, when the consciousness has been raised to the frequency of illumination, it realizes that there truly is no “other”. But, at this higher frequency it stems from the realization that all is “one”.

The self-referential narcissistic ego dominates the airwaves of the mind, selecting the thoughts that support and defend its existence, its perceptions and its importance. All opinions, indeed all beliefs, are born here.

Who “I” am, what “I” think and what “I” do are the most important things in the world to “me”. Even in relationships – one-on-one, family, business – everything reverts back to how it affects “me”. This is a natural effect of the human experience. It is, however, a huge roadblock on the pathway to higher consciousness.

So, what CAN be done to chip away at this blockage? Refrain from, (1) editorializing, reporting or giving opinions unless specifically requested and necessary for crucial decision making, (2) taking credit for doing good works or needing the limelight to show what you have done, and (3) using personal pronouns as much as possible.

Again, simple, but not easy.

Stop editorializing. Realize that every opinion is based upon perception, born from a selection process of the ego’s thoughts. These perceptions have their roots in childhood – family history and culture, geography of birth, schooling, religion, and other life experiences. Unless every opinion or belief has been carefully examined from the viewpoint of universal and divine truths, it is most probably a biased opinion, in place to safeguard the ego and its domain. And, unless one has reached at least a consciousness of unconditional love, it is a pretty safe bet that such an examination has not taken place. Therefore, realize that everything you think about anything is only a partial truth matching the vibration frequency of consciousness in place when the thought was first selected.

The process society calls “conversation” is merely the exchange of opinions, often escalating to one-upmanship. Such conversations can become heated and frequently result in defending one’s own positionality.

The serious spiritual aspirant will gain much insight into the workings of his mind and thought selection process by keeping quiet, observing and listening. It then becomes excruciatingly apparent how much of common discourse is center around “me and my story”. Of course, this is most easily observed in others, but once the presence of “me and my story” (seen as “you and your story” in others) is acknowledged, it then becomes easy to spot in one’s self.

As the prevalence of “me and my story” makes itself known, it may become embarrassing. There is no need for it to be so. It is the state of the collective consciousness at this time. However, this is not to be used as an excuse by the aspirant, but will be recognized as a limitation of consciousness to be released.

By being quiet and realizing no one appointed you as reporter of any and all things, by ceasing to express opinions, particularly when they are not solicited, the aspirant can break habit of the ego of making itself the center of the universe and holder of the “real” truth.

When genuinely asked for an opinion, for the purpose of serious decision making, it might be a good idea to preface the statement with an admission of the realization of bias, i.e. “Realize my opinions are based upon my personal perceptions and bias.”

The most difficult time to interfere with the reporting from the viewpoint of “me and my story” will occur when the ego feels threatened in any way. When the fight or flight mechanism is engaged, it is always to defend self. When embroiled in mental combat with another, either vocally or silently, try to see it is merely a struggle between “me and my story” and “you and your story”, each striving for supremacy. As soon as the realization takes place, one can disengage from the conflict and begin to examine the situation from a higher vibration, insuring a more peaceful outcome.

No where are opinions more volatile than on subjects of politics, religion and social mores. The serious spiritual aspirant can ill afford to take a stand on these or any other topics. What any one thinks or believes is a result of many factors and is inclusive in the vibration frequency of their consciousness. As consciousness changes, so too will opinions. Love and allowance are best practiced here.

Take no credit
There is an old saying, “God’s name is Anonymous”.

In the process of spiritual evolution there will come a time when the aspirant understands the meaning of the words, “It is not me by the Father within me that does all things.” It is blasphemy, however, to the ego.

Needing to brag, report, or show off about one’s achievement is the domain of the ego only. And it is never more so than with someone else is listing his achievements and accomplishments. The ego screams, “But look what “I” did!”
It doesn’t have to be Pulitzer Prize worthy. It can be as simple as getting the car washed or doing the laundry. What the ego wants credit for is not important. That it wants credit is.

As the aspirant lets himself become aware of this tendency, it can become amusing. But just noticing this phenomenon is not enough. The practice must be halted. All that is required is the realization that it is Spirit through you at work. To yourself say, “Thank you Spirit/God/Universe”. To others merely say, “Thanks” … and nothing more.

Personal Pronouns

One of the easiest ways to break the habit of “me and my story” is to cease using personal pronouns. Relinquish “I”, “me”, “me”, “mine”, and even “we” and “our”.

It can easily be seen how the use of personal pronouns perpetuates the ego’s position as center of all creation. More subtly, it can be seen how the ego then uses its position to separate from all the rest of creation.

If a car ceases to be “my” car and becomes instead” the” car, the charge of possessiveness is dispelled and the need to defend what is “mine” is lessened. One-upmanship of what “I’ have is no so easily entered into when “I” do not possess anything.

It is surprisingly easy to discourse without the use of personal pronouns. In fact, they can be done away with altogether. However, there are times when it becomes apparent the listener is not fully engaged and will not follow what is being said until the end of the sentence. Should such an occasion arise, feel free to use whatever language is necessary to make communication clear.

As the spiritual aspirant becomes more connected to All That Is, the word “I” takes on an altogether different meaning of oneness. It would appear that the bridge is not easily crossed, however, until the self disengaged from the personal identify of the ego and becomes reunited with the Self.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The First Agreement (of “The Four Agreements” by Ruiz) is to “Be impeccable with your word.” We have been forever admonished to “tell the truth” or “the truth will set you free”. So why is it so hard to do? Because, the one that we lie to the most is the self.

The problem begins with birth. The esoteric discussion of whether we choose our point of birth aside, we arrive on the planet and no one asks us what language we want to speak, what religion we want to be raised in, what social customs we want to adopt, what prejudices we want to participate in, what foods we want to be accustomed to, etc. etc. We – without conscious thought – merely accept what is given us by our family, schools and peers. This package then begins to define who we are and what we believe. Occasionally, along life’s path one may question certain aspects of the package, but, for the most part, the package remains in tact. (The two most often examined ideals center around religion and politics.)

We spend a great deal of our lives “preaching” the “Gospel of My Beliefs”, trying to enroll others in seeing things our way. This is very important, because it solidifies the unconscious need to believe “I am right”. Particularly in the areas of religion and politics, it can become a source of extremely heated debate, with one adamantly “defending” one’s views. This is the source of all wars.

Whether it is religion, politics, socio-economic policies, what dress to wear/car to buy/place to leave, or any number of other topics, most do not ever stop to examine “why” the believe what they believe. Without such self scrutiny one can never truly know if that is your “truth” or just part of the package you picked up at birth. Without such scrutiny one then lazily puts on a pair of “perception glasses” through which the world is viewed. One can only then see what one wants to see or expects to see. Additionally, one becomes so invested in their own belief system they become closed to seeing in a different way because then their entire self identity may need to be examined. That being so, how can one then know if he/she speaks “the truth”.

An interesting example is a one room house. If you were to put someone at the front door and someone at the back door and ask each to describe what they see, you would get 2 different descriptions. Both would “swear” they were right and the other wrong. Both are merely seeing things from their own perspective. Both are “wrong”. Both are “right”.

Therefore, “defend” nothing….”attack” nothing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


There is a tendency to see your world as fragmented. You want to segment out various aspects of your life --- your personal life, your professional life, your social life, your intimate life, your spiritual life, your political life, etc. etc.

It is true that when you do this you also segment your vibrational frequency – your personal life frequency is thus-and-so, your professional life is thus-and-so, etc. HOWEVER, your life as experienced by the Universe is NOT segmented. So, it is the composite of your segments that vibrates in the All – the “average” if you will. While on some level that may give you comfort, i.e. “I’m really doing well in this phase of my life”, it would behoove you to move beyond this and begin to think in terms of a whole light of expression.

In other words, the Universe functions as inclusive, not exclusive. Given the above example, the Universe includes the lowest of your vibrations, it does not exclude the “high” and “low” for computation.

This becomes important as you endeavor to consciously create. An appropriate goal would be to express at the highest vibration possible in any and every given moment, excluding no moments for the “luxury” of “time-out”. It is a little like being pregnant – one either is or is not. One cannot be pregnant during certain circumstances and not pregnant in others.

It is not important to worry about “what” the frequency is so much as to understand that it is either a frequency of inclusion or exclusion. An easy way to become aware of this is to begin to differentiate between your energy of expansion or contraction. If you are feeling expanded, or open, you are including. If you are feeling contracted, or closed, you are excluding. Allow yourself to become acutely aware of this at all times. As you would say, 24/7/365.

Be conscious of the fact that one cannot be expansive if one is not also giving. In other words, hoarding, in any form is contractive. This applies to your time, your love, your goodwill, your good thoughts. You cannot open to receive and then “stop” the energy when it arrives at “you”. By function, it must come to and through you. If you perceive lack of receivership in any area, look to see how you are “giving” in the same area. This does not necessarily mean in tangibles. It does mean in energy.

Remember, everything --- everything, everything, everything, EV-ER-Y-THING is energy. And everything – everything, everything, EV-ER-Y-THING is included in the Laws of the Universe. And EV-ER-Y-THING is a part of the One.

Go, be joyous in All That Is.

Friday, February 13, 2009


The teaching was first given you through A Course In Miracles in its discourses on “specialness”. Then, it came to you through the Lord God Id and the teaching that “all things are holy, no-thing is sacred”.

This is a very subtle aspect of judgment driven by the ego’s need to be “special”.
And the ego has worked its spell in very insidious ways. When the spiritual aspirant begins its work with the ego, it attempts to become very humble, often adopting a position of false humility….”I am nothing”. What is not realized is that this is an arrogant position. If God/Divine Mind considers you to be ALL then “you” must think that you are ABOVE GOD to be able to declare that you are Less Than All.

Another trick of the ego, is to attribute everything it accomplishes in the spiritual progression to its self, thereby developing a “spiritual ego”….”see what I know/ have done/ can do.” Again, this is an attitude of arrogance, designed to separate by placing one “above”.

The identification of special or sacred is meant to determine delineation of “above” or “below” for the purpose of exaltation. To the ego, it is VERY important that such a distinction is valid, because the ego constantly judges itself as above or below and determines its mode of experience by such determination.

In Truth, there is no-thing that is special/sacred because there is no-thing that is not special/sacred. There are no sacred places because there are no not-sacred places. There are no sacred stones because there are no not-sacred stones. There are no holy people because there are no not-holy people. There ARE difference expressions of frequency, but ALL are of the whole – holy that is the ALL.

Set no-thing and no-one apart in any way, neither above nor below. Rejoice instead in the ALL that is the One.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


What is the difference between joy and happiness? It is a matter of collective conscious usage.

As it is now used by collective consciousness, “happy” carries a connotation that requires an “about something” attached to it. You are “happy” because of something, or you are “unhappy” because of something. In other words, “happy” implies outside stimulus and is a “result” of something. It is experienced from the outside in. It also implies a fulcrum point of vibration that would indicate you could be “knocked off” your point of happiness.

Joy, on the other hand, is simply a state of being. Observe, that you do not say, “I am in joy about….” Or “I am out of joy about….”. Joy just IS. If you are “joyous” you take that emotion into every experience you have. In other words, it expresses from the inside out. And, as it is generated from within, you are less likely to be “knocked off balance” from without.

Choose to be joyous in each and every moment regardless of the activity around you – then watch the activity change to match your vibration of joy.

This is the first step to the state of Bliss.

Go to a mirror – preferably a full length mirror. Stand before it and look at yourself. Study yourself.

Notice the placement of the hands, the head, the feet. It would appear that the feet are “lower” than the hands. However, as you contemplate their purpose you begin to understand they are exactly where they need to be. How useless would be the feet if they were on top of your head, although they then would be “above” your hands.

Now, sit down. Stand up and turn around and look at your buttocks. Isn’t it wonderful that they are placed where they are instead of, say, on your chest. Imagine the contortions necessary to sit down if your buttocks were on your chest.

As you look upon your body allow the understanding to come that each and every aspect of your body is exactly where it needs to be for its function and purpose. And you rejoice that this is so. And, it is the composite of such perfectly placed individual aspects that make your body whole. And so you think of yourself as a whole body.

So it is with the body of humanity. Each and every aspect is exactly where it needs to be and its compilation is the “whole” of humanity.

As you gaze upon that which you have previously considered to be an “other”, realize that it is but part of your Self, the wholeness that is One. Allow your self to rejoice that each seemingly individual aspect is fulfilling its purpose and function and rejoice that it is so.

Now, return to your mirror.

Notice the height of your head in relationship to some other object in the mirror. If you want to “raise” the height of your head, step upon something, a stool perhaps. Notice that as your “raise” your head you also “raise” the height of your knees. It is impossible for you to raise your head and keep the knees at their previous level. The whole being is raised, regardless of whether your intention is to raise the head or to raise the waist. So, too, is it with the body of humanity. When you raise your vibration, you raise the vibration of the whole. It must be so.

This, then, is your function and purpose in the body of humanity. ..to consciously raise your vibration. This is your only function and purpose.

Rejoice that it is so.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It has been asked of me “who” is coming through at this time. The answer is – no one. There is no coming through. And there is no “one” out there. It is a stream of consciousness. Let me explain.

I no longer “channel”. Probably I could, but I have come to understand that, for me, this is a non-forwarding endeavor and one in which I choose no longer to participate.

So what is happening.

Think of the pneumatic tube at the drive-up teller window at the bank. Swish-ka-thump it goes to the teller. Swish-ka-thump it arrives at your window. I receive a swish-ka-thump of energy. It literally comes in as a “block” of energy. I can “see” how everything works together…..Oh – this effects that – that effects this, etc. etc. But, as this Universe is a hologram, it all comes at once. Although the form is NOT important, I think of it like a Rubic’s cube. I then have to begin “turning” the blocks on the cube in order to translate. Because our mode of communication is linear, I must find the “end of the string” so to speak, to figure out how to begin “translating” the energy block.

At first this requires a great deal of hand use and arm swinging. I can tell when I am beginning to “get it” when the glassy-eyed look passes from Don. (I try out everything on him first.) As I begin to “translate”, appropriate analogies come. Yet – and still – it is very difficult to decide the “order” of things. Which comes first – chicken or egg. BECAUSE, it is all one when I receive it.

All of the so-call “missives” at this time are a part of one block of energy. There is no “first”. There is no “more important”.

This is my first real attempt to translate these blocks into the written language.

Sunday, February 8, 2009



You are aware of what is called the “butterfly effect” – every action affects all things.

So it is with every aspect of energy that you emanate.

It is important that you begin to take accountability for your creations. Begin by being conscious of all that you do, that you say, that you think. The majority of your life is expressed unconsciously, without “you” present. The following is a technique to assist you in bringing your conscious awareness into your life.

Start with the denser modality of “do”. Before you begin any new activity, no matter how “small” or “different” than what you have been doing previously, STOP and take a breath…one breath will do, two will do nicely. No matter how hurried you are in your activities, one or two breaths will not hinder your day. But it WILL bring “you” into the activity. At that point you may proceed unconsciously, decide to imbue the activity with conscious intent or change your activity all together. At first you will continue to rush about, but you will start to notice that you have just performed some task and not been “present”.

Next, move to the aspect of “say”. Before you speak, STOP, pause one beat. A single breath with aid in this as well. At first you will be aware “after the fact” that you had just rattled on and had not stopped to pause. Slowly you will begin to pause occasionally. Then it will become your normal experience. With the pause of one beat, you may “look” upon what you are about to say and “take a reading” of the energy involved. Is it truly one you wish to create? If so, proceed.

Lastly will come “thought”. This would appear to be the most difficult, but is, in fact, the place of greatest power. As the stream of thought passes through your mind, simply choose to let it direct your mind, or not. If the “subject” of the thought process is not of the vibration of your choosing, simply STOP thinking it. A breath or two will serve as a point of focus for you. In time you will become aware of the silence and it will be your cherished state of being.

As you practice bringing your “self” to the present moment and become more adept at doing so, you will notice that you will begin to bring your “Self” to the moment. And, is that not the goal after all….to bring your Self to your self.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tests By The Universe


You often approach a situation in your life and label it a “test”, indicating that the Universe/God has given you an examination of some kind. This is not so. A “test” would suggest “pass” or “fail” – concepts which are not a part of the Universal Mind.

What have appeared in your experiences are apexes and/or crossroads of energy. These points of expression provide you with an opportunity to stop, look, listen and take assessment. At these points your choices – conscious or unconscious – can determine a “route” for you – a “flow” or energy – an insertion into a stream of consciousness or vibrational field. These points arrive and manifest as a result of the choices you make in every moment. By choosing – consciously or unconsciously – the “same” over and over again, you manifest an experience you can no longer ignore. As the Universe is a supportive energy, it allows you to become aware of your choices, in hopes, if you will, that you will pay attention.

Rather than think of anything as a “test”, think of voting booths. That’s right, voting booths. At every moment – every NOW – of your physical experience you are stepping into a voting booth and voting for your “next” NOW. YOU and you alone are “deciding” what it is that you will bring to manifestation. The Universe is incapable of choosing for you. It can only respond to you. You are the one that must “vote”. You are the one that must “choose”. And, please be aware, that a failure to do so is not a “non-vote”, it is a vote for “more of the same” unconscious selection.

Be an aware “voter”. Do not continue to vote the way you always have because you always have. Question your belief systems. Are they expansive or contractive. Are they inclusive or exclusive. Do they enliven you or make you feel dull. Do they enthuse you or depress you.

Begin with “voting” for the experiences of each day. Then, as you begin to master that, consciously select your experiences of the morning, the afternoon, the evening. Then, each endeavor. Then, each moment.

And….”dress up” when you go into your voting booth! Put on your best garment of JOY!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Criticize Nothing

We would ask that you read, re-read, and re-read all the portions of your book (Ask & It Is Given) regarding inclusion and exclusion. Read it until you can recite it. Read it until it is in your bones. Read it until it is your truth.

You will then understand that it makes absolute sense…particularly as you contemplate Oneness. How can one begin to consider being “one with all things” and have exclusion even be a concept. This would defy even the logical mind of the ego, which, of course, would have you be “one” with no-thing. It will then be easy for you to understand that exclusion is the tool of the ego that fosters separation.

The “world” in which you now live is one that supports and promotes exclusion. It does so by comparison and condemnation. Although not necessarily and easy task, there is a method by which you can learn to extract yourselves from this trap.


Criticism and condemnation are the cutting tools of exclusion. Collective consciousness is geared to compare, criticize, condemn and separate out everything. Your thought processes are such that you “pigeon-hole” everything…finding just the right box into which literally every thought you have.

We will give you a technique for extricating yourselves from this snare of collective consciousness. First, allow yourselves to become aware of this pattern of thought. Then, take steps to intervene in your own thought process. Next, begin to stop yourselves. Whenever you find yourselves having the thought (or saying) “that is…” with the intention of labeling/quantifying/qualifying ANYTHING, “hear” the words “that is” and finish your thought with “that”. So, instead of your thought being “that is nasty/ugly/wrong/etc.”, your thought becomes “that is…that”.

Your goal during this process is to have ONLY thoughts that are of praise and thanksgiving. ALL other thoughts “about” things should become “that is that”.

Note: One by-product is that you will cease your cursing. Not because it is “bad” or “wrong” but because it is a tool of exclusion and it carries a vibration that is too “expensive” for you to afford.

This process will raise your vibrational frequency at a rate that will please you greatly. You will find your world becoming supportive of you and your life experience and joy will become the operational emotion of your life.

Once you have mastered the “that is that” technique, proceed to the next step, which is “that is”. Then, “that”. Then, silent observation and oneness.

The ultimate goal is to LABEL NOTHING – either good or bad. For the meantime, however, we will focus on having thoughts be those of praise and thanksgiving. When all labeling ceases (that means nothing is even called “beautiful”), there will be nothing left but gratitude and lovingness.

We share this with you in the hopes that you will also share this with those who will be open to these words. Remember, to receive is to allow that which is to flow to and THROUGH you – regardless of whether it is love, money or wisdom.

Live in the fullness of the love that you are and rejoice in these times of unfoldment.

Monday, February 2, 2009



Of all the Universal Laws, Allowance is the one that should be your focus at this time – for it is the means by which you access all the others. For example, the Law of Attraction works with or without your participation as does the Law of Balance, etc. But it is the choices you make within the Law of Allowance that determines your level of participation in all areas of your physical experience in this time/space continuum.

When the Law of Allowance is fully embraced, you realize that everything is according to the perfection that is Divine. All things express within the confines of Karma, Divine Intent, Balance and Harmony. This, of course, includes you. And, if you expect that allowance applies to you, then you must assuredly acknowledge that it applies to all “other” as well.

“But,” says your ego, “there are wrongs that need to be made right.” “He/she needs to be held accountable.” “Justice needs to be served.” “That sucker needs his come-uppance.” Etc., etc.

Maybe so. But, IT IS NOT YOUR JOB! If there is indeed balance, justice, accountability at issue, it belongs to the Office of the Director of Karma. NOT YOUR JOB. If it is enlightenment or education that is needed, it belongs to the Office of the Christ. NOT YOUR JOB.

YOUR JOB is to allow all things to BE, realizing that all things express as a function of vibration. And every-one and every-thing is exactly where it is supposed to be and expressing exactly how it is meant to be according to the chosen vibration of expression. If it is appears to be something that you do not wish to experience, be very intentional in choosing the vibration that you DO want to experience. Simply do not “visit” the other vibration. (If you don’t want to visit Spain, don’t go there.)

When you are irritated, aggravated, insulted or feel “righteous indignation” by ANYTHING or ANYONE realize that the what you are feeling is resistance to what is and ANY thought other than “it is what is it is” is NOT YOUR JOB.

This should relieve you of a heavy burden – that of “solving” all the so-called ills of the world – and should leave you free to live in joy.

Go forth and be joyous. DO YOUR JOB!