Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Take command of your day. Start by setting your intentions for the day before you get out of bed – before you open your eyes to the so-called reality of this dimension. Remember, YOU are the creator of your experience of this lifetime. How you do this, what you say, what choices you make are not as important as the fact that you consciously set a course for your day with the intention of being your own master.

Finish your day’s experience acknowledging your creation with gratitude and thanksgiving.

The following are examples that I use….make up your own and have a wonderful day.


First thing – before opening the eyes:

Let me look through the eyes of the Creator, with love for all I have created.
Let all the words that I utter be loving words of appreciation
Let all my thoughts be of kindness and compassion.
Let me be excited to be alive.

Then, construct your day, as you want to experience it; i.e.

Today I will consciously experience connectedness with my Higher Self 3 times. I will have some “pleasant surprise” that I will recognize as a “gift” from myself to myself. My day will be filled with laughter. Etc., etc., etc.

Then, remind your Essential Life Force that it knows what it is to be about today while you are busy taking care of business on this plane.


Upon retiring, acknowledge all your “gratitudes”; i.e.

I am grateful for a roof over my head, and food for my body.
I am grateful for my beloved husband and my precious dogs.
I am grateful for………..etc., etc. (don’t be afraid to be redundant)

When finished –

I love myself for the giving myself the precious opportunity to be a human at this time.
I am a Human Becoming, please help me to become.

Then, focus on your breathing until you fall asleep. Whenever you notice that your mind is busy in the past or in the future, bring it back to the now by focusing on your breath.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


One of the hardest things for the ego to do is to take absolute accountability for its creations. The collective consciousness is steeped in the idea of “victim”. “It’s not my fault” is the mantra of the self-protective ego. It is always someone else’s fault or there was some extenuating circumstance which “caused” the event.

It is a mark of great advancement for the spiritual aspirant who can say to his/her self, “I alone am responsible for this”. The aspirant understands that whatever is being experienced is a result of some thought, word or deed in this or other lifetimes. The aspirant accepts responsibility and looks for the understanding or lesson inherent in the event. Oftentimes, however, there is nothing more to be learned than to understand that it is the individual who determines how events are experienced.

It was some twenty plus years ago when I first began finding myself in front of a panel of my teachers and mentors. I would be shown a thought, word or deed that I had created and asked “Did you (do this thing)?” At first I would begin to side-step the issue, trying to explain away my actions. Every single time I tried to skirt the issue, I would quietly and patiently be asked “Did you (do this)?” I would still try to explain away my actions with “well, you don’t understand, there was this other thing going on” at which point I would quietly and patiently be asked, “Did you (do this)?” I would then next try, “Well, I did my best.” (That had always worked with my parents). My teachers would quietly and patiently ask, “Did you or did you not (do this)?” I struggled for a long time. Finally I understood that this was a “yes or no” question. (It is a little like the pregnancy issue – the answer is either “yes” or “no”. One cannot be “sort of” or “kind of” pregnant.)

As the years have passed, whenever I find myself in front of this Council, I now understand that the “Did you or did you not” question is meant for me to take absolute accountability for every thought, word or deed. Sometimes the view into the looking glass has been uncomfortable, but I have come to understand that its wisdom is far, far reaching. For me, it is the first step in impeccability and the first step of freedom outside of collective consciousness.

Whenever you can, allow yourself the opportunity to take inventory about your day. Look at what you have said, thought and done. Ask yourself if you told the truth. Were you kind? Did you make choices that progress you along your spiritual path? And, when you notice you begin to make excuses for your actions, ask “Did you or did you not (do this)?”

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have been asked about reading material or authors I might recommend. At this stage of my life I am somewhat reticent to recommend much. The reason is that I have found that the ego is a “getting mechanism” – particularly the Western ego – it is most concerned with “getting”, whether it be stuff, recognition or information. I have watched as spiritual aspirants get derailed from actual spiritual growth by becoming over-concerned with reading the next “it” book, or attending the next “in” seminar.

It is also easy for the aspirant to become bogged down in studies of how the Universe is designed, levels of Light Beings, the esoteric history of the world, extra-terrestrials, etc. Although fascinating information and great fodder for the “getting mind”, it doesn’t really help the aspirant in this third dimensional reality deal with the issues at hand and can often lead to one becoming “side tracked”.

Nonetheless, I recognize the value of keeping the mind focused and on having something to counteract the negativity of the collective consciousness. To that end, I will recommend the following books and authors.

I firmly believe that if one could “become” the information in the following three books, one would achieve enlightenment. By that I mean, actually live the truth of the teachings within each book at all times – no vacation days, no time outs. Those books are:

(1) The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
(2) The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
(3) Ask and It Is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks (This is the best book I
have ever found on the Law Attraction.)

I also recommend A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle as a vision of what one aspires to be. I find the works of Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dwyer to be very useful in today’s world.

For more advanced reading I recommend the works of Gary Renard, David Hawkins and A Course In Miracles.

Although the writings of the East contain some of the most ancient and insightful materials, its language and Hindu and Buddhist references often confuse the Western Mind.

In general I suggest that one trust one’s inner self when contemplating reading material. If you find it uplifting and hopeful, read it. If it makes you feel contractive or hopeless, do not read it.

What often frustrates and derails the spiritual student is the quandary of “how to be”. It is generally felt that by studying long and hard enough one will then know what to “do”. If the teachings of the enlightened who have gone before are to be believed, such is not the case. One can only “know” what one “is”. Only a tree can truly know a tree. One can only know what it is to be a mother/father when one is a mother/father.

Therefore, for the purpose of this blog only, set aside intellectual pursuits trying to ascertain how to “be”, as years can be spent in esoteric discourse regarding the meaning of surrender, forgiveness or the difference between detachment and non-attachment. The desire to “understand” before one begins to “be” can lead to an impasse of inertia. Instead, this material works from the assumption that as one practices being a thing one will become that thing and then, and only then, will one “know” that thing. To that end, the focus of this material will be on what “can” be done.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Take it easy – breathe, relax, laugh, have a good time. It is a spiritual journey, not a spiritual destination. Give yourself permission to enjoy the process (yes, even on the “bad” days) and delight in the experiences along the way.

First – forget about ENLIGHTENMENT. Yep, totally forget about it!

In 21st Century Western culture the emphasis is on “winning”, “achieving”, “arriving”. In spite of what coaches are telling Little League baseball players and young soccer players, the consensus of popular opinion is that it really isn’t good enough to do your best…you must WIN, be #1. Look at Michelle Kwan. This young woman has won ___National Championships, ___World Championships, and a Silver and a Bronze Olympic medal. Still some “tsk” that the poor thing never captured the elusive gold. Please!

When on the spiritual path, each step along the way brings gifts of wisdom. To deny the value of each and every moment and focus only on the “goal” of enlightenment will not only cheat you out of precious realizations and joy, but most probably will ensure that you will not achieve your desire. Enlightenment is not something to be acquired, it is something you become. And, again, if the great teachers are to be believed, enlightenment is only the beginning point for yet higher states of consciousness.

So, lighten up. Don’t worry about becoming enlightened. Seek, instead, to express at the highest vibration possible at each and every moment. (Some days will be “higher” than others.) Higher states of consciousness up to, including, and beyond enlightenment will happen naturally, and inevitably.

Remember to laugh, often and heartily. Laughter releases the mind from its busyness and elevates vibrational frequency. Pure, joyous laughter that is. Laughter at the expense of another is a lower frequency and would be best avoided. Instead, seek the squeal of a young child splashing in a puddle, the giggle of teenage girls at nothing in particular or the chuckle of a parent at the antics of a baby. Life is filled with excuses to laugh. Seek them. Enjoy them. Bask in them.