Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Everything – every thing – in the Universe is formed from energy and is “fed” by energy. The more energy a thing has the more form it has.

Most people make choices in their lives by choosing what they do not want to have. Some choices are simply “default” choices…not knowing what they want, but pretty sure of what they do not want. What then occurs is more of what they do not want. “That which I have feared the most has come upon me.”

Many people are extremely “anti” something – war, abortion, brown/black/yellow/white people, Democrats, Republicans, this religion or that thing. And yet, despite all their efforts, what they protest remains. “What you resists persists.”

The Law of Attraction states that what you hold in thought/vibration will be drawn to you. That is because as you think about something you are “feeding” it energy and making it more “solid” in your reality.

If you were to have several small plants and you gave one of them fertilizer, water, love and attention, it would grow into a taller, healthier, hardier plant than the others. Now, here is the interesting part. If you “accidentally” fertilized and watered a “weed” next to that plant, it would also grow to be healthy and hardy. You see, to nature, all plants are equal. You may call one a daisy and the other a weed, but nature knows no such designation. And so it is with the Universe and its energetic forms. Remember, Universal Laws apply ALL the time.

Therefore, it would appear obvious that when you are “against” something – particularly if you have great emotion attached – you are “feeding” that thing energy just as if you were “for” the thing. You are perpetuating the very energy form you would not like to have. You might as well be an advocate “for” the thing because by the very nature of your acknowledging its existence you give it credence and form.

It is a far higher vibrational choice to choose “for” something. Choose “for” peace rather than “against” war. Choose “for” a new career, rather than “against” this lousy job. Choose “for” a healthy relationship, rather than “against” this toxic marriage. By chosing “for”, rather than “against”, you align yourself with higher frequencies and create in your life more joyful, healthful, positive situations.
Serendipitously, you also help the planet and its people raise the collective consciousness. It is the ultimate “win-win” scenario.