Sunday, January 3, 2010


NOTE: Obviously there has been a “gap” since my last posting. I must admit to being in a bit of “overwhelm”. Around the first of October, I “received” a HUGE block of energy/information. This information was so entwined that I couldn’t seem to be able to find a “starting point” at which to begin the unraveling. Also, since I am not a fan of reading dissertation length postings, I have tried to keep this blog entry short, sweet and to the point. The information I received didn’t seem to fit into this level of brevity. Having pondered where and how to begin, I have finally decided just to “jump in” and trust that, like a good jigsaw puzzle, it will all fit together and become clear one day.


Having practiced the art of “choosing for and not against”, it is now time to look at the energy pattern surrounding one’s activities. This is not as simple as it may seem, for there are many layers involved here.

Most of our choices of thoughts and ideas we have just accepted without examination from the collective consciousness. The majority of our opinions, wishes, desires, etc. were absorbed from the environment in which we found ourselves upon birth. Never questioning “why”, we allowed our parents, family, teachers and leaders to tell us what is “so”. It was easy that way, and it was the way it was done.

Anyone born in the last 100 years, therefore, accepted that “who” he/she is was determined by “what” they did. It established one’s place in society and in individual hierarchies. This belief system is so pervasive that a great many people are engaged in work and other activities that they don’t even like because it was “the thing to do”.

As the spiritual aspirant progresses on the path, it is inevitable that he/she learns that the vibrational frequency which one emits while “living” one’s earthly life is THE only thing that matters. This is THE “real” thing that determines levels of consciousness and true hierarchical placement. Hence, one begins to make decisions predicated upon what brings happiness, pleasure and a sense of true connectedness. It is the source of the proverbial phrase “follow your bliss”.

It would therefore become apparent that it is more important “how” one is in one’s activities than “what” the activity itself is. An awakening entity will have a greater effect upon his spiritual progress, the collective consciousness, and the planet itself by cleaning toilets with a sense of love, service, kindness and oneness with man than he/she would if he/she were doing brain surgery and hating every minute of it. While it is true that one’s activities have a frequency effect, the vibration of the emotion attached to the activity has much greater creative power.

It would behoove the true aspirant to begin to examine each and every activity of his/her day and notice the emotion held in the body during that activity. If it is anything less than neutral, the activity should cease immediately. One’s goal is to be in joy regardless of what one is doing. Be aware of the flow of the energies of the Universe and feel at one with that flow. Do not be concerned about what others may think of what you are doing. Do what you do because it is the natural flow of your true Self and you do it because it is an act of devotion to the truth of who you are. Be grateful in all things. Praise God by whatever name you may call the Oneness and be a pure channel for that which is LOVE.

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