Monday, May 7, 2012


Become Your Spiritual Avatar A Spiritual Mastery Class with Joan Grant Avatar – (Av-a-tar) 1) A manifestation of a deity in bodily form on earth 2) A Divine manifestation incarnating directly from God 3) In computer or gaming use, a graphic identity you select or create to represent yourself. Become Your Spiritual Avatar is a program by which the earnest spiritual student can pull together all the teachings, techniques and practices which he/she has learned over the years in a “user friendly” modality for practical application in today’s world. Developed by Joan Grant after years of working with hundreds of “seekers”, the Become Your Spiritual Avatar program gives the individual a tool to claim the power of creation in his/her life and finally have the life experience for which he/she has been desiring. Directly applicable to every situation in every life, the Become Your Spiritual Avatar program allows the individual to become the person they have been searching to be and to finally “walk the talk”. Joan Grant, metaphysical teacher, author, oracle and life coach, facilitates the process, acting as “guide”, each step of the way throughout the process. HOW DO I PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM? There are 5 venues available for your participation. You may choose one or more to customize your experience. The objective is to help facilitate your process: (1) A Group Meeting online utilizing Skype for interaction. Groups of 3 to 9 will meet at an agreed upon time once monthly. Those participating in this Group Meeting do not have to be together and will participate by Skype Conference Call. Price: $20 per session (2) Specific Group Meetings online can be arranged by friends who wish to participate together. A minimum of 3 is required. This group will meet according to the desires of its members. Price: $17.50 per participant (3) Individual coaching is available, also online. Price: $35 per session (4) Weekend intensives with Joan Grant at a location of a group’s choice. (5) For those who cannot avail themselves of Skype, a group conference call, minimum of 3 can be arranged. Price: $20 per participant Note: The numbers 3 to 9 indicate the number of phone numbers available to each group. It will be possible for someone to “host” a group with more people present. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q. Who benefits from the Become Your Spiritual Avatar program? A. Anyone who is earnest in becoming impeccable and a living example of the beliefs they profess to hold dear. Q. Who will not benefit from the Become Your Spiritual Avatar program? A. Anyone who is only looking for someone or something “outside” of self to do the work for you…And, anyone who has been heavily invested in being a “victim”. Q. I am just starting my spiritual quest and haven’t read or studied much. Do I qualify? A. What is important in the success of the Become Your Spiritual Avatar program isn’t the knowledge one has but the intention, attention and commitment they bring to the work. Q. Well, I have studied a great deal, for years really. Why would I want to take this program? A. If you have studied that hard for that long and are not yet living in accordance with everything you have learned, and/or if your life experience is not exactly what you want, and/or if your days are not filled with joy and peace, the Become Your Spiritual Avatar program will give you a method to bring it all into your personal reality. Q. Sounds too good to be true? Is it really that easy? A. As with all elements of the Truth, it is “simple”, but not necessarily “easy”. The hard part is only the intention, attention and application. Q. What are others saying about the Become Your Spiritual Avatar program? Steve W: With the principal of Cause and Effect at the forefront, Joan Grant’s the Become Your Spiritual Avatar program is one of the most profound modalities on the planet, for instantaneously changing your life. You truly experience how magnificent a creator you are. Imagine unlimited possibilities, and start yourself on the ride of Choice and creating your life as exact as you choose. Laura W: This method goes beyond the basic understanding that you are at conscious choice while making you far more aware that you can actually put this concept to use in a very practical and rewarding manner. I love the applicability of it! Note from Joan: I have personally undergone major transformations in my life that I had, quite frankly, assumed to be beyond the reach of this lifetime…including overcoming major phobias, altering my body significantly and achieving a joy and peace that I thought was reserved for only Holy Ones. I invite you to take the “plunge” and join me in this great, great adventure! TO REGISTER OR FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT JOAN GRANT AT

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